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Hello all! Isn't it so wonderful to have some warmer weather again! (this is for my fellow Pennsylvanians! We don't want to hear it from the warmer climate peeps! ha!) I wanted to introduce a different form of HIIT workouts... Continue Reading →


Barbell Work

What a gorgeous day we had here Tuesday! And to think it is only the beginning of February! I was loving it!!! Since it was so nice out, I got to enjoy a workout in our garage again! Here is... Continue Reading →

Sweet Summertime

It has been feeling like summer here in northern PA now for about 2-3 weeks & we are LOVING it! Will said how winter made it all that much better... I couldn't agree more!  We have been enjoying taking our workouts... Continue Reading →

Too Long

I am SO sorry it has been so long since I have posted! Life has been quite busy around here! There are a couple of things I have wanted to share with you all though.... so let's talk. Have you... Continue Reading →

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