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Happy 2017

How is it 2017 already? I am sure we all feel that way! It is amazing how quickly time goes! I just went back to read my last year's New Year post & how I was pushing to get back to... Continue Reading →


The month of November

November is a great month. Liam is about to have his 1st birthday (where in the world did the year go?!) here on Saturday, lumberjack style, and Thanksgiving is a week away from tomorrow! The time to be thankful, but... Continue Reading →

Why CrossFit?!

After thinking, researching, and praying about it, I decided (with Will's encouragement!) to go for my level 1 CrossFit trainer certificate a couple of weekends ago. Maybe you aren't really familiar with what CrossFit is. Well the definition they have... Continue Reading →

Why do YOU Workout?

I've been procrastinating with writing a post for the past few weeks. Thank goodness for my better half staying faithful to write posts (And graciously reminding me to write one...) Don't know what I would do without her. Life has... Continue Reading →

The Fitness Nook?

Well, Will & I took the plunge into the blogger world! We wanted to start a website where we can share our love of fitness to our followers, encourage others to get moving, and live healthier lifestyles. We decided on our... Continue Reading →

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