Happy 2017

How is it 2017 already? I am sure we all feel that way! It is amazing how quickly time goes! I just went back to read my last year’s New Year post & how I was pushing to get back to pre-baby-body since Liam was only a few months old. Now I have a 1 year old!

Looking back it has been a really wonderful year, with many blessings. Like I said last year, I am not really one for making ‘New Year resolutions’…I just like to keep going in the fitness aspect and keep striving towards loving God & others more (by HIS grace!). I do like to make little fitness goals throughout the year that are more skill based. For instance some in 2016 were, getting a wall handstand & ring dips. There are so many things to learn in CrossFit that require coordination and skill (yet another reason why I love it…the constant challenge of learning and improving movements/skills)

I did want to take a minute and talk about adapting. Do you consider yourself as someone who adapts to change easily? I typically would say NO for myself! Ask any of my family or friends! The funny thing is when it comes to my workouts I do, I guess it is because of how determined I am to get them in. Here are 2 adaptions I have had to make in the last year…

1. The time of working out.  I truly believe having a set time of day really helps with keeping up with workouts. (see my post from New Years 2016 here) For me that is in the morning when I am energized! With a 1 year old & changing weather I haven’t been able to keep my same routine. Which is fine! I just make it work!


2. Where I workout. Yes, I still workout at home. I am very thankful I am able to do that as it would make it much more difficult for me to get to workout if I had to go somewhere! (Especially with a child who still takes 2 naps! Mamas out there get me?!) Now that it is in the 30s and below the garage isn’t my prime location since even our heater doesn’t quite touch the cold, mostly meaning the equipment, talk about hand-NUMBING cold! So a lot  of the equipment has come into the sunroom or basement. If we had higher ceilings in the basement we would probably try bringing the bar in as well, but it wouldn’t work. I am thankful for the space we do have.

This year don’t let obstacles be an excuse that keeps you from working out. Try to adapt and figure out another way to keep pushing forward! Happy New Year ya’ll!


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