The month of November

dsc01239November is a great month. Liam is about to have his 1st birthday (where in the world did the year go?!) here on Saturday, lumberjack style, and Thanksgiving is a week away from tomorrow! The time to be thankful, but really we should always be thankful. I am so glad we have a holiday where we do stop and reflect on all that God has given us. We (me very much included) live in a time where we expect so much and take what we have for granted, wanting more. I’ve been convicted of that lately and wanted to stop and take some time to write out what I am most thankful for to my readers.

This is a blog for workouts, inspiration, recipes & MORE…so now you get the more. 😉

I am SO thankful for my health and the ability to move. I know that is not something to take lightly & lately I have been thinking about that more. I am also extremely blessed to have such wonderful family, supportive, loving, kind husband, & a fun, sweet-loving (absolutely adorable to me!) son. But MOST importantly I am thankful for Jesus… He came to this earth 2,000+ years ago to die for all of our sins, conquered death, lives today and because of that I am forgiven of my sins & have a relationship with God. That is amazing. That is the gospel. That is something to be thankful for daily! I am trying to focus on the gospel more every day so that I live in light of it & how it affects my whole life.

What is something you are thankful for this year? dsc01270

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