Hello all! Isn’t it so wonderful to have some warmer weather again! (this is for my fellow Pennsylvanians! We don’t want to hear it from the warmer climate peeps! ha!) I wanted to introduce a different form of HIIT workouts today in this post called complexes.

Complexes are a great way to incorporate a short weighted regiment into your workout routine with only a little time commitment, but a WHOLE lot of effort! 😉

What is a complex?

Well a complex is 2+ movements done in a row without putting down the weight between each rep. For example if you were doing a 3×6 complex of dumbbell curls and dumbbell press you would do 6 curls followed by 6 press without stopping in-between. That would make up 1 of the 3 sets! How long you rest in-between each set is dependent on your level of fitness. For a beginner you would want your rest time to be as long or longer than your work time. You could just start with a 2 minute rest time.

Complexes are so effective because your body continues to “work” even during  your rest time and after you are done with the complex as it works to recover from the movements. Your heart rate will be so high that you will find your cardiovascular system continues to work while you rest in between sets.

For someone who is worried about not getting enough cardio in with a weighted workout, I challenge YOU to try one of these! Just think, your body is working harder in say 12 minutes than it would be during a 30 minute run. That’s a time saver right there!

NOTE! You should be using a weight that is challenging for you, yet you can do all the movements properly. Form is always extremely important so that you do not hurt yourself!

Here was a complex I did today. I video tape myself occasionally to give examples, but also so that I can critique my form! For instance in this hang-clean I am lacking in shoulder mobility to get my elbows all the way forward to rack the barbell properly. I am doing some stretches that will hopefully help with that! My hubby is the crossfit pro 😉 so when he has time he helps me with form as well since it is so important!



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