It’s A Boy!!

Well here we are 2.5 weeks postpartum and I am just getting to writing! Our little bundle of joy was a boy…William Grant, 7lb. 10oz. & 21 in. long. We are calling him Liam for short!

It was a long day for Will & I as it took just about 25 hours for Liam to make his entrance into this world! He was sunny-side up, so my doctor said that makes labor longer, but thankfully Liam did turn on his own before I had him! We are so thankful for a healthy boy & safe delivery. God sure has blessed us with our sweet boy and we LOVE being parents.

Liam was 8lb. 6oz. at his 2 week appointment Friday and everything looked good. I also got the okay to do whatever working out I feel up to! I am very anxious to get back to exercising and toning back up!


Here are some things I am going to start doing this week to start back into my workout routine!

Squats: I was able to do them pretty much up to having Liam, so my legs are ready for it! I will most likely do air squats and goblet squats (with my kettlebell).

Walking/jogging: I am SOOO anxious to start running again (I have missed it so much!), so I hope to get some walking in this week to work my way up to that. If it is too cold to go out with Liam, I may hit up my parents’ treadmill. I would LOVE for us to get one when we can for our long winters up here, but for now we can make the trip over to my parents’.

Easy weight movement: kettlebell swings and some kettlebell push-press for instance.

I am thankful for the quick recovery, but I also don’t want to over-do it by trying to do too much too soon so it is all about moderation and listening to one’s body. That would be my advice for my fellow new moms out there! I now know how hard having a baby is on your body! But it also is amazing how God has made our bodies to do all that and recover!

Here are more picture of our precious boy!!

Back at it! -Rachelle




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