Getting Creative for the gym

Since we have been at our new home we’ve been enjoying having a bigger space to use as a home gym…the garage. We had (and still do have) plans to get some more equipment, but are saving up to get those things. For now, Will has done a great job of being creative/frugal with a couple of different ideas.

The first one is our squat rack that he made from a few materials found at Lowes (2x4s, cement, & Lowes buckets). He actually made this while we were still renting the little house. It works great for now & has been nice to have!IMG_0588

He also started using cinder blocks as a hold for bench press. They were left here at the house somewhere & Will just stuck them in the garage to use. It totally works!

Last year he also purchased rubber mats from Tractor Supply.  They are really horse mats, but work great for the gym and cheaper than buying a fitness brand.  That way we can slam down all the weights we want!! (that’s more his thing…) 🙂


Here we are at 39 weeks pregnant! I don’t know when this little one is coming, but I am ready! I have a feeling I’ll go late, but we shall see!

I have been continuing with walks and kettlebell workouts. Nothing too intense, but still incorporating light strength training a few times a week. I also have been doing this as part of my “workout” on the nicer days….stacking the wood Will has cut and chopped!


Lord-willing,  the next post will be about a baby being born!!! Till then! -R

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