Keep Moving!

Keep moving has been my goal these days! I am trying to maintain muscle tone during this pregnancy & as I get closer and closer to the end it can be more challenging to do that. I hope you all are continuing to keep moving as well with school starting back up and summer ending!

These past couple of weeks I have really been putting my kettlebells to good use! One of the workouts I was doing was one I posted a while ago. (Kettlebell Workout) 10-9-8——-1, KBS 35#, Goblet squats 35#, L. Arm KB thruster 25#,  R. Arm thruster 25#. I was finding myself resting a lot between  sets & decided to do it as a tabata workout instead making each exercise a tabata (20 sec. on, 10 sec. off x 8 =4 min.) with about a minute rest between exercises. This way it forced me to keep moving!! 🙂


Another workout I enjoyed the other day was:

5 Rounds

10 KBS 35#

10 Inclined push-ups

10 Goblet squats 35#

10 KB rows on each arm 25#

10 Step-ups


It is always fun when Will & I get the chance to be in the “home gym” at the same time! I guess Neon was the color for the day. 🙂


I also continue to do walks & try a little running here and there (I can only do about half a mile before baby says ‘no more’ and it is back to walking).  Thankfully I have been feeling good & Baby Wilks is moving LOTS! I keep thinking we are going to have a busy child on our hands!! 🙂 We are now 32.5 weeks down. I can’t believe we only have about 7 weeks left till we get to meet this little one. Do you think it is a boy or girl?! It is fun guessing! I honestly don’t know what I think anymore, but I am thinking a boy more than a girl.


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