Changes for the Fitnessnook!

I apologize that it has been so long! We have been very busy lately with all kinds of things going on!

We are very excited to say that the fitnessnook will be moving…this weekend!!! Gone from the little lean-to workout area to an actual garage! We are really looking forward to more space for working out. We have to take turns as it is now. (I am sure we look pretty funny at times!)

Will & I recently had the opportunity to take a Saturday and go up to the PA Grand Canyon to do one of our favorite things, hiking! We had a great time together & enjoyed a picnic lunch at the bottom of the canyon. It is always nice to get out and enjoy God’s beautiful creation! Our goal is to get out more & do more things like this! We would love to purchase kayaks…any advice on that?

!IMG_0171 IMG_0176 IMG_0200 IMG_0204

I am currently on week 8 of 12 of the program I am following & still enjoying it. I have also been able to keep up my running. I actually just got done from a run that had a 829 ft. (thank you Nike+) elevation increase & am happy to say I can still do it! πŸ™‚ 17.5 weeks and counting! What a blessing to be able to continue working out. I feel SO much better when I do! Don’t you agree fellow pregnant moms?!

Baby bump after my run tonight. 17.5 weeks along!

We are anxious to get our new home-gym set up at our new house & share some videos with you from there!

From the last post at the little house-Rachelle.

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