Why do YOU Workout?


I’ve been procrastinating with writing a post for the past few weeks. Thank goodness for my better half staying faithful to write posts (And graciously reminding me to write one…) Don’t know what I would do without her. Life has been busy with all of the driving for work and I have not taken the time to sit and write until now.

The topic I have for today is a question that anyone who wants to train or exercise should ask themselves…. Why. Finding your reason why is what will motivate you when you are halfway through a tough session and you feel like quitting. It is what will keep you going when you have had a tough day at work or school and you are tempted to skip your workout for the day. We all have those tough days. (Those days have been a whole lot more frequent now that I don’t spend all day working in a gym like I used to….) But If you don’t have clearly defined goals and why you are doing what you do, it is much easier to let things slide and lose motivation.

Everyone whether they admit it or not has physique goals when they first start exercising. Some want to lower fat to get more “toned”, others want to put on muscle to look bigger. You probably are going for the six pack abs or bigger biceps. There is nothing wrong with those goals! However, I want to suggest that your goals should be more than just superficial and appearance related. Physique improvement comes with time and alot of hard work and many will find themselves frustrated or discouraged when they first start working out and aren’t seeing immediate results.

So what kind of goals should you set for yourself??? Functional goals.. Yes I am using the cliche term everyone is talking about today in fitness. Functional fitness. But seriously… As humans our bodies are designed to move and to stay active and to adapt to the demands that we place on them. Our goal during exercise should be to improve and strengthen our bodies for the tasks of everyday life. Our bodies are made to jump, to pick things up, to run, to push and to pull. We should train to be a better father or mother, to be better at work, to improve our quality of life, or to get stronger at your sport. Train to function better as a human being and the physique will come in time!

Set Specific performance goals for yourself. Attack your weakness! Set a goal to get X number of pushup or pullups. Or maybe just to get a single pullup. Set a goal to lower your mile time to x minutes or to be able to run this far without stopping for a breath. I want to be able to hold a handstand. No matter where you are at fitness wise, you can set performance goals for yourself. Improve yourself one small step at a time!

My personal goals right are to get stronger with the barbell. My strength has always been with bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, and muscle ups because I have always been light. But when it comes to moving heavy weights I know I am lacking. This year I am attacking those weaknesses. I have goals to improve my squat, snatch, and clean and jerk. I have specific numbers I want to get to by this year. Keeping those goals in mind have helped keep me motivated to train each day after work.

My challenge for all of you is to set some specific goals for yourself. Post on your instagram or facebook or comment below with specific goals for yourself! Make sure to #thefitnessnook!

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