Working out for 2!

…and trying not to eat for 2!!!

The word is out. Baby Wilkinson is on the way! We are excited, thrilled, and blessed to have this little one growing inside me (I still don’t think I’ve wrapped my mind around that)! With the little bambino growing fast, my body is also changing fast!


As I near the end of my 1st trimester, I have to say that I think I have had it  quite easy compared to some of the horror stories I’ve heard of morning sickness. One thing I have ALWAYS said was that I would work out during my whole pregnancy and so far that is true. I haven’t had to switch things up hardly at all! What a blessing! During my interval training, I take a few more breaks than usual as I am already getting winded more easily. As for running…it hasn’t really ever been a   difficult thing for me, but I am quickly seeing how running for 2 is slowing me down, but NOT stopping me! Just like any other time, working out ALWAYS makes me feel SO much better!

Working out during pregnancy has had it’s ‘yays’ & it’s ‘nays’ in past years. Now, it is a definite YES (unless the expecting mother has some kind of health issues/pregnancy precautions)! Being physically active during a pregnancy helps both the mother and baby. One of the biggest benefits is to help strengthen your body for delivery. I think everyone who has had a child would say that getting all the help you can is good! 😉

One thing you often hear is that you shouldn’t start exercising during pregnancy if you haven’t already been exercising. This is false! Through my research I have found that it is advised to start working out whether you have been or not. Sure, you don’t want to go and try to run a marathon if you haven’t run recently, but there is always something you can do to start working out even if it is just walking at first and building on that.

A couple of things to do while working out include both listening to your body & staying hydrated. Your body will tell you when to stop if it is too much. Water is important during pregnancy in general and especially while working out because of all that the body needs it for.

There was a crossfitmoms website up (which apparently is no longer) that I have gone on a few times. I hadn’t been following it because of the workout program I am following, but I did love to see these greatly pregnant woman doing their crossfire workouts! It’s great!

I sure know a lot of expecting moms out there, so I hope this information is encouraging to you to get moving & stay healthy during your pregnancy!



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