Too Long

I am SO sorry it has been so long since I have posted! Life has been quite busy around here! There are a couple of things I have wanted to share with you all though…. so let’s talk.

Have you every heard or PBfit? I had read about it on someone’s blog awhile ago & then came across it at Sams Club. So I decided to give it a try (it is 1lb 14oz for only $10.00). It is peanut IMG_1087butter with the oils extracted so that it is just in powder form. We enjoy peanut butter in shakes sometimes, so I thought, hey this is a whole lot less calories & fat to add to the shake! It really is good too! Also, if you want to make it into spreadable peanut butter, they tell you to just add water. It’s pretty great stuff & tasty too!IMG_1106






I just made this shake today & it was really good.

1 frozen banana, 2 Tbs Pbfit, 1 scoop of Chocolate  Whey Protein powder, Almond milk , & 2 ice cubes!






So, this week I have started following a workout program, which I am pretty excited about.  I must admit, my workouts are usually just what I feel like doing that day. Which there isn’t really anything wrong with that, but if you are wanting some strength gains or specific goals, following a program is the way to go. Good programs should be based off of the exercise principle of progressive overload. This means progressively increasing the demands of your body by increasing either the weight or number of sets and reps. A good program should also include recovery because as we overload the systems of our body we are tearing them down so that they build back up stronger, therefore recovery days are needed.

The program I am following is focused on upper body strength. Consequently, one of my goals for going through it is to gain strength in my upper body. So far it is going well! I will say that the program really hits the whole body as it is more of a crossfit styled program, so I love it! She has it so that it is a 3 day program and on my off days I like to go for a run if I can since the program is more for my upper body. I just can’t do anything! Especially during this time of my life and it being Spring finally!

Here is a workout for you all to give a go… Will wrote this one up for me this past summer. It really is fun and challenging.

3 Rounds for time:

400 meter run

20 kb swings

15 lunges (if you can, with weight overhead)

10 knees to elbows (or if you don’t have a pull-up bar do sit-ups)

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