A toddler often learns to squat down before taking his first steps!
A toddler often learns to squat down before taking his first steps!

We are all born with the ability to get all the way down in the the bottom of the squat position. However, many lose the ability as we get older. A lot of this is due to the amounts of time sitting down at a desk or in a car in a poor disorganized positions.  We lose our range of motion at the hips and the ankle joints and our core and back muscles necessary for keeping good posture become weak. Many studies show the health benefits to squatting to help prevent injury and even to digestive health.  Whether you are an older adult working out for health and longevity or you are a young athlete trying to improve your strength and speed,  you should be squatting!

Here is a video with some helpful tips on squatting:

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