Sunshine & Snow

Snow, snow, & more snow… that has been our forecast this winter! March is here & unfortunately yet, so is the snow. It’s okay though, Spring will come!! It always does!

The other morning I ventured out into our workout area. I haven’t done many workouts out there lately because of how frigid it has been in there! You mine as well be outside in our little lean-to as there is no heat. We do have a little heater in there, which doesn’t do too much, but I have found it helpful to heat the dumbbells when they are so cold I can’t even grip them for more than 5 seconds at a time!


This time, it was actually not that cold of a day thanks to the sun!! I opened the curtain up on the door to let it pour in & warm up the room… the perfect time to workout in there!!!


Then I went  to work on my workout. This workout was written for me by Will a few months ago. I had been doing it about once a week then & could definitely tell I was getting stronger! I had not done it in  awhile & increased the amount of weight on the dumbbells, so it took me a little longer this time


Let us know how you feel after that one! 🙂

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