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I (Rachelle) used one of my workouts today that I had written down in college. Writing down your workouts is a great idea…it makes them easy to look up & keep record of your weight, time, etc. I just use a composition notebook (nothing fancy!) In-fact, I actually started it  back in 2012, but just in the new year have I been faithful with writing things down!



Here is the WOD (workout of the day)

3 rounds for time

  • 30 wallballs
    Momentum Jewelry that I won!
  • 30 sumo deadlift high-ulls
  • 30 box jumps
  • 30 push-press
  • 30 jump-rope
  • 30 push-ups
  • 10 front squats

It took me 36 minutes! I know that seems long… I really had to break down the reps (mostly into 10s) and took my time so my form wasn’t compromised. I used the bar for all the moves, so 45 pounds.  Also, due to my knee (will explain in another post) I do switches instead of box jumps.  Made for a great workout though!

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