Kettlebell Workout

Often, time is used as an excuse for not exercising… I surely beg to differ! There are many different workouts you can do that will get your heart pumping, muscles working & don’t require much time at all! Here is one of those workouts!

Kettlebells are a wonderful fitness tool! I was thrilled to  receive mine just a couple of weeks ago with some Christmas money. Here is a quick full body KB workout to try. I did this the other day before work & it took me just under 13 minutes… and let me tell you, my heart rate was up & I was working hard! I felt great afterwards!IMG_2310


  1. KB swings
  2. Goblet squats
  3. One arm KB thruster (right arm)
  4. One arm KB thruster (left arm)

Here is a video for the different movements. Don’t mind the taping…. we are new at this! (it will only get better!) 🙂 Remember that form is VERY important!

A couple tips:

The KB Swing movement comes from the hips! Focus on keeping your back as flat as possible. For the goblet squat,  keep an upright torso & keep your weight on your heels. Squat all the way to parallel to fully engage your glutes!!! The thruster is a little tricky (my form needs help according to my personal trainer… aka my hubby!!) The KB should be resting on the shoulder more in the squat portion of the thruster. Hope this helps!


(Have I mentioned how tiny & old the place is where we rent? This is the downstairs!)

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