Protein Shakes

IMG_2297Rachelle here…. Protein shakes are one of our staple foods for post workouts. It is important to give your body the essential amino acids (aka protein) to rebuild the muscles back up that you just used. Protein also leaves you full and satisfied! I have fun trying different combos for my shakes. Here is what a typical one looks like for me…

Spinach, a frozen fruit (to make it thicker), chia seeds, protein powder, & milk. = Delish!

IMG_2298I use the Ninja blender to create our shakes. I absolutely LOVE our Ninja blender!!  (Thanks to our generous sister & brother-in-law who gave it to us for Christmas!) This thing makes making shakes/smoothies SO much easier & less clean-up. If you don’t have something like this, I would highly recommend the investment!

What are some of your favorite protein shake combinations?

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